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19th-Dec-2015 09:31 am - Announcement
Slight smile
Hello All-

Because of the increase in med lab staff, Amelia Voght has decided to relocate to Muir Island to work with Moira, where she feels her skills are more required. She'll still be readily available for help in the event of an emergency.

-Charles Xavier
pink, cool
If you turn page 3 upside down and let your eyes go all blurry, a puzzle appears. At least, I think it's a puzzle. Maybe it's not supposed to be one, but it's interesting.

I also enjoyed the story about the fashion designer. I wonder if they've ever been into eVolution? I may have met them.
21st-Oct-2015 09:58 am - Movie Marathon Time?
So, with all the Star Wars fever going on, for the education of those of us who haven't actually seen this epic yet, how about a marathon movie session this weekend? Start Friday night with the first three, continue Saturday night with the second three? If there's the set up for it - and hey, we live in a mansion and there's plenty of tech geeks, so there probably is - we could even do a projector screen somewhere large enough for all comers. That old ballroom, maybe? BYO blankets, pillows and movie snacks.
7th-Sep-2015 11:36 am - My dream
pink, cool
I just woke up from a weird dream. I think my subconscious has finally decided that I'm not a kid anymore. But being an adult is terrifying. Also, Lizard People.

Dream behind cutCollapse )
28th-Aug-2015 12:12 pm - Reverse Field Trip!
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I've recently returned from a trip to the old country with Ms. Amanda Sefton and I FOUND kids to bring back to the school! I guess this is what can happen when you go on a field trip as an adult. They are 15-year-olds Clea Lake, Bas Druid, and Stephen Strange. I feel very certain that their young fates are intertwined with ours. Also, Cata! She is Clea's companion and a sentient being, so please act accordingly.

Two of the teens are magic types and one can shift forms. Why does this sound like a riddle? Well, I just want to give them the chance to introduce themselves and their powers - they'll be arriving on Monday! I know you'll help them feel welcome here after Ms. A and I wore down their guard and convinced them to come.

21st-Aug-2015 07:10 pm - Attention all residents
wait for it
To anyone who might have heard some strange noises from the laboratories just now, there is nothing to worry about. A few people accidentally caused a situation down there, but it is well in hand now and has been dealt with. There is no lasting damage to the mansion, I just ask that everyone stays away from the laboratories until the clean up operation has been completed.
22nd-Jul-2015 01:02 pm - Magic 101 - Magical Dimensions
hitting the books
So, in between the end of school and having to chase Topaz down in India, I've missed a couple of weeks. But now I've got my shite sorted, we're back! Tomorrow's lecture is on Magical Dimensions, including a section on internet memes that are actually real. We'll also have a Q&A on Asgard, seeing how we have three recent returnees (and a few less recent ones) who can talk all about the pros and cons of living in a magical realm.
1st-Jul-2015 01:28 pm - District X Arts & Crafts Fair
beautiful, smiling, glam
Hey all! There's an arts and crafts fair this Sunday in District X. I don't have a stall, but I'm going. Anyone else want to go?


hitting the books
Thanks to all who came to the talk today - I hope you enjoyed our Guest Speaker, the lovely Ms. Tandy Bowen.

Anyone got any questions they wanted to ask? I know we ran over time and didn't have the chance to do our usual Q&A afterwards.
9th-Jun-2015 02:20 pm - Magic 101 - Evening Lecture Series
magic, powers
With the help of some of the teacherly types, I've gotten together a syllabus for my infamous "How not to meddle with the occult" class. This year, since there's a lot of new faces both with the Gen X program and just generally, we're throwing open the doors to anyone who is interested.

When: Thursdays, starting @6:00 p.m.
Where: The sunroom on the first floor, central wing.
Who: Amanda Sefton, with assistance from Topaz and Megan Gwynn.

Class 1: Introduction, or "Magic: It's not all Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings."

Class 2: Demons, or "Yes, demons are real. Here's how to avoid them."

Class 3: Magical Dimensions, including a section on internet memes that are actually real.

Class 4: Artifacts, or "Don't touch the glowy rock."

Class 5: Magical Rules and Ethics, or "Why we don't pester our magically-adept classmates to raise the dead."

As usual, Gen Xers are required to attend, but if anyone else is interested, say so in the comments. Depending on attendance, there's usually food afterwards. ;)
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